From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Sun 02 Feb 1997 - 18:05:15 EET

> Me
> >By this I mean that ultrasound has to be connected using a similar
> >density medium (KY-Jelly!) to get maximum energy transfer.
> Thomas
> Not in water. I'm positive about dolphins being able to tell if you
> are pregnant without any jelly, and they don't need to be in physical
> contact with you either. It is different in air, indeed. But what
> about Darkness?
I think we are on the same "wavelength" here Thomas. In water
(which is a similar density to our bodies; 90% water and all that)
a dolphin could scan your insides pretty well. Also I totally agree
WRT distance which only knocks off energy with the inverse square law
and the scattering and absorption cooefficents of the transmission
medium. Interfaces/changes in medium can be far worse.

As for loving marine mammals, although I've never dated a dophin!
I have a very fond personal view that "whalers" would be a lovely
target for Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles. There's potential poetic
justice for you, all we need to do is convince the politicians.



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