From: Ingo Tschinke (tschinke@nord.de)
Date: Mon 03 Feb 1997 - 13:22:41 EET

Jane Willams wrote:

>See my earlier comments! Most of the regional corners of the UK speak
>dialects that I certainly can't understand. Strange, really: we've had
>transport and even mass media for ages. The last invasion to give
>different areas different languages was the Normans, nearly a thousand
>years ago. I wonder why we've kept the dialects: any linguists out there?

I think this will not only be true for the UK. In Germany we have also some
very old dialects nobody will understand who is not born to this very
region. See for example the bavarian dialect, the saxon, the northern german
dialect (called Plattdeutsch), the friesian (which is so different to german
as welsh is to english and therefore no dialect, more a language for its
own). If you went for example to Cologne you will understand not a word of
what the people their are talking about. Their dialect has influences of the
french occupation mixed up with a lot a reagional dialect.
I think this languages have their roots grown very deep in the population of
this region, compared to the USA where nobody of the americans lives there
for more then 200 years - which is a really short time.

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