Re: hooligans, no takers

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Mon 03 Feb 1997 - 22:37:00 EET


>> I tend to regard the Varmandi as the hooligan clan of the
>> Colymar, yet even they are led by a Barntar type after 1613.

>Oy! Who are you calling hooligans! We're just misunderstood - all we
>want to do is farm, raise cattle and raid Orlevings.

Yeah, I know - I've been watching you from afar, even before you left my

>Circumstances beyond
>our control have just forced us to defend ourselves with extreme
>prejudice. Just think how peaceful you'd be if you had the Malani as your

I know only too well - the valleys south of the Print have become brighter
since both Mad Malan and Varmand the Brigant have left. The scorpionpeople
are easier to deal with, really...

MOB sobbed:
>*Ok, so sometimes we get no takers: it happens. (About a month ago a posted
>a long and what I thought would have been controversial piece about a
>"False Red Emperor", implying there'd been a good few of 'em since. Not
>a bite, not even a post saying, "MOB your piece sucked eggs: leave the ancient
>history stuff to the experts and go back to your whacko MGF schtick." Not to
>mind, I'll probably just dust it off in a year or so and try again...)

Well, think of all the people you already persuaded at Convulsions with your
artful presentations of most imperial bodily (mal)functions. How often do
you like to admit "Yes, he's right..."?



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