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From: Colin Phillips (
Date: Tue 04 Feb 1997 - 00:50:15 EET

Hi guys this is a terrible thing to unlurk with but....

I have been catching up on tons of mail and have come across one of those
oh so maddening remarks of Mr Martin's.

>I can only say I wonder how many
>people who subscribed to these two magazines are likely to get their
>money back once the official last issue has been sent out?

I am the english publisher of Codex. As far as I am aware Codex is dead. I
have tried numerous times to get in touch with Mike Dawson, via email and
snail mail but have only been meet with stoic silence.

For this very reason I asked David Hall to add in the 'zine section of the
next Tales a message to all UK subscribers telling them they will be
refunded in full (although sending out this much mail means I loose money)
just as soon as my bank can forward me three cheque books (apparently in
england this can take up to 21 days)

So Stephen why not ask the question if it concerns you so much rather than
to make oblique reference to something the obviously know nothing about
just to denigrate it.

By the way I had better show my true colours just so people don't think I
am hiding. I was the designer for Tales 13, and the colour and print
advisor to most of the Tales propducts to date. I also consider Nick brooke
a good friend.

None of the above is however trying to get between the very entertaining
flame war between Nick and Stephen. I just want to put the record straight
in the UK all subscribers will be refunded in full and I will not be
publishing any new Codex material period, even if Mike manages to get back
to producing what I thought was a very worthwhile magazine. Sorry to see it

Colin Phillips

Colin Phillips

"He took a face from the ancient gallery and walked on down the hall"


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