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From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Tue 04 Feb 1997 - 09:04:07 EET

Colin Phillips <>
Stephen martin digest 137
>Hi guys this is a terrible thing to unlurk with but....
But well deserved on my part.

>I am the english publisher of Codex. As far as I am aware Codex is dead.
>have tried numerous times to get in touch with Mike Dawson, via email
>snail mail but have only been meet with stoic silence.
It was to this silence that I very badly alluded with my statement. As I
was unaware of the subscription situation in all areas of the Lozenge,
not just the US, I should have either been more specific, or probably
just thought it to myself and went on to the next post. I apologize if
you felt denigraded by my remark -- the denigration was not aimed at you.

James Frusetta <>
Name that James, Artillery
>A few of the more famous examples: James Argrath, Jaimie Ralzakark,
>Jim Arkat, Jamesina the Inhuman King, Jimmy the Mad Sultan*, Jameria
>Cragspider, Diego Delecti, Jimmy-Bob Death on a Horse, Yaakov Zzabur,
>Jacomus the Red Emperor, and of course, Jimbo Harrek "the Highly
James, you are still too cool.

Dennis Hoover <>
>I think Dara Happa fits Stephen's comment about how Stafford "seems to
>pinch bits from just about everywhere and then ties it all up into a
coherent >whole".

Um, when referring to statements by people with names more common than
Harrek, could people use last names? I'm starting to wonder whether I
said something I don't remember (as opposed to the things I said which I
_wish_ I couldn't remember).



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