Re: Dialects

From: David Weihe (
Date: Tue 04 Feb 1997 - 18:48:19 EET

> From: Ingo Tschinke <>
> I think this languages have their roots grown very deep in the population of
> this region, compared to the USA where nobody of the americans lives there
> for more then 200 years - which is a really short time.

Sorry, it's over 450, if you count the Spanish in St Augustine, and 390
from the first English colony, in Jamestown, Virginia. It may not seem
much to you, of course, but it **is** longer than either the Lunar Empire
or the Quivini settlements. :-)

> From: Stephen Watson <>
> I play the Heortlanders as Geordies. Their comprehensibility varies
> depending on how well they want the Sartarites to understand them. It
> all started when I based an uroxi on Oz.

What are Geordies, may we ask?


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