out of date catchup & weak humour

From: danny bourne (d.bourne@dial.pipex.com)
Date: Tue 04 Feb 1997 - 18:26:41 EET

Dear everyone, I go away for a few days and I'm now 30 digests behind.
Please all stop talking so much ;)
> >It is a little known fact (and a cult secret of both Pavis and Black Fang)
> >that the Argrath in Pavis is the high priest of Black Fang.

>I like this *very much*!! Are the regular initiates of Pavis in on the
>scam, or do they fear Black Fang as the underground criminal ring like
>everyone else?

The initiates of Pavis have to be members of one of the five ruling
families as they are the only ones who hold citizen status. The lower
initiates probably don't know, but can guess what's going on as old uncle
Ingilli wanders around the house muttering dire warnings about someone who
just don't do what he's told and then gets scragged. Blood is thicker than
water in both senses in the cult of Pavis

 You're gonna do "March
or Die" before "The Mace of Shades"? I, for one, request it first.

Your wish is my command, if only you weren't a troll. Perhaps I could work
a Uleria theme around Orgasmatron... or even ZZ?

Re Artillery & Jamesio Polk
The Romans etc certainly did use artillery,

But that said, artillery was never any good at getting through city walls
(despite the films) - apart from the Siege of Jerusalem until the advent of
Also, why would Lunars use 'inaccurate' artillery when they have the lunar
college of magic regiments? - Yes it's cheaper and easily replacable, but I
know which I'd rather stake my position on

the Macedonians used a thing called an oxybeles, which was a bolt thrower
type affair, but they were never that effective because their rate of fire
was too slow and people tend to fight toe to toe in ancient combats.

Elephants were FAR more fun.
(FAZZUR: Sound the trumpet charge. Damn, no, no, that trumpet call's the
elephant mating call, run for your lives or, better still, stand very, very
still. Sheesh.)

BTW Why can't I get the idea of Stonewall Jackson out of my head when
thinking of the Building Wall Battle?

I can't understand a damn word Jane WIlliams says, but then I do live in
Yorkshire where close the door is pronounced put wood in th'oil. Just goes

to show there's nowt so queer as folk.
> so the thing you feed and clean up after is a cow
I always thought it was a baby, now I know where I've been going wrong all
these years...

Martin Laurie tell it like it is
David Hall has been dropped and production is dependant on the
>and it just leaves me feeling like - why do we bother? Whats the
sodding point?

Well knowing someone who did strike out on his own (and was sued by AH) for
bringing out RQ stuff I can understand. As for DH going - gissajob,
Icandothat. (And I'm prettier, ask Mike McGloin, he'll tell you)

Don't forget that for every person who
>sees your post, there are at the very least another 100 people who play
>RQ who won't.

And then, of course, there are those who contribute to the digest and don't
play RQ - or any other RPG.

>Again, who has written even a single scenario and submitted it?

Now I know that I have (still no reply after xxxx months) and I'm sure I'm
not the only one. Actually, true I didn't submit a single scenario, it was
That reminds me, I'm still waiting for a reply on Chaosiana too...


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