From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed 05 Feb 1997 - 20:59:55 EET

A question on Stepen Martins post
> What are Geordies, may we ask?

Stephen replied:
>Inhabitants of north east England, specifically Newcastle but
>Northumberland in general. The local dialect was heavily influenced by
>vikings. "Am ganning yem".

Stephen must be looking for a trouble here, as I come from Sunderland in Tyne &
Wear and I can tell you that Northumberland is a seperate county altogether,
including those damn southerners who live in Durham (you know, the town near
France) and the fact is that if any of them Geordie bastards turns up in

Sunderland and starts going on about how bloody great Kevin Keegan was, then
they are in for a solid glassing. Bastards.

So before anyone else goes and starts calling everyone from North Eastern
England "Geordies", just remember, its a small world, you can't hide

But seriously, Geordies are supposedly those born within spitting distance of
the Tyne river although the distinction has become rather blurred over the
years. Newcastle includes many small towns within its bounds as it grew and if
you turned up in Gateshead frex and said they were Geordies, they'd be very
pissed indeed. My dads family come from a town subdivision called Heburn within

Newcastles official bounds and their accent is _noticably_ different from people
only 5 miles down the road and very different from anyone from Sunderland which
is 15 miles away.

Since coming to Canada, I've only heard accent differences from people thousands
of miles apart not 5. Strange place this.

Martin Laurie


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