Healing tattoo's

From: Colin Phillips (Colin@tang.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat 08 Feb 1997 - 10:47:40 EET

Healing Tattoo's are a great idea , but wouldn't they be better for big bad
nasty wounds. The puckered scares that are left in our world wouldn't
probably happen because of magic, so having Tattoo's drawn where the wound

was could be an aid to long term healing and a method of showing how
valiant people were. I could just imagine drunken orlanthi displaying
tattoo's to each other similiar to the lethal weapon 3 flirting over scar's

"look at this one, got it when we fought that rogue troll at Apple Lane"
"bah, that nothing, The Chalanna Arroy spent 2 days doing this one when
those broo ambushed me on the way to Jonstwon"

The TV programme she was referring to "ice mummies" also gave me idea's for the
pentan's as a earlier programme showed a ice mummy from the Mongolian
plains. From the tribes called Pazyryk. These tribes were the original
idea's for Amazons. Their women fought from horseback in exactly the same
way as the men and where noted as fierce warriors. Now wouldn't that make a
difference in campaign having a real women warrior culture thats the norm
rather than the exception as with Vinga etc.

Colin Phillips

"He took a face from the ancient gallery and walked on down the hall"


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