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>He (Shargashi illuminate) Realizes that Shargash is Actually ZZ...
     I don't think Illumination in and of itself grants perceptions of this
nature, it just allows you to reassess your imterpretation 'in the clear light
of day'. Thus, if you had suspected but not dared to believe this already, you
might now be able to accept the suspicion as fact.

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>In Glorantha, does rain HAVE to come from clouds?
Good point - Orlanth and Storm Bull are both associated with clouds and storms,
but they have no water runes! Do Sartar and Prax have lots of dry storms?

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>The Lunar custom of Prima Nocta

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>The puckered scares that are left in our world wouldn't
>probably happen because of magic
     That depends on the magic. And I don't just mean divine or spirit, I think
it probably matters where the magic comes from. A lunar Heal spell woudn't leave
scars, but an Orlanth one probably would. Neutralise Damage certainly wouldn't
leave scars, but Treat Wounds and Regenerate might, depending on how quickly
they are applied.

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>Ralzakark is said to have known Nysalor
>personally. Although he could be lying. Or the Arkat part could
>be Arkat the Deciever aka Krjalkiarkat who did know Gbaji personally.
     Where is Krjalkiarkat mentioned?
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