From: Martin Crim (
Date: Mon 17 Feb 1997 - 15:07:41 EET

Simon Phipp asks
>A Question: Does it matter whether the Colymar tribe speaks slightly
>different Sartarite than the Colybrea (probably mis-spelled)? Does anybody
>care? Any GM who insists on a Speak Sartarite roll any time a character is
>speaking to a member of a different clan/tribe has far too much to worry
>about, in my opinion. OK, as background it may matter but on a day-to-day
>basis it is irrelevent.

Say "shibboleth." Say it wrong and you die. I thank that is pretty
relevant on a day-to-day basis.

Can you impersonate a Torkani tribesman?
Can the Lunar Sergeant tell that you're lying when you say you're in Wilm's
Church for the first time and don't know the laws there?
Can you rally the united tribes when they mock your uncouth tongue?

Simon, man, tell me you didn't mean it.

- --Martin


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