Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #198

From: Christoph Luehr (
Date: Mon 17 Feb 1997 - 22:18:13 EET

> When people have asked where are the new Gloranthan supplements, or whatever
> happened to RuneQuest, several people have replied to the effect of "Why
> don't you get off your backsides and write some yourself?" This is something
> that I passionatley disagree with. Most of the people playing RuneQuest and
> using the world of Glorantha do it as a hobby, nothing more, nothing less.
> Even those of us who GM and wirte things for the campaign have no wish to
> take the next step and try for publication. Why should we? If I want to read
> some fiction, do I have to go out and write a novel first? Of course not.
> What I would like is for those people who see themselves as Game Publishers
> to actually do that and start publishing games/supplements. Tales of the
> Reaching Moon have done a good job in recent years (although it would
> frighten me if anyone told me how long ago the first edition came out) but
> Avalon Hill screwed us up completely. Chaosium have announced their new
> initiative, but nothing practical has come of it as yet. Should we hold our
> breath - I doubt it.

I agree completely with this opinion. Most of us have a normal job to
do, and so have only a few hours in the evening to write scenarios.
But who is really interested in coming home at 5 or 6 o'clock and
than sitting at the PC ot writingmachine, write some RPG-Stuff untill
11 and than go to sleep. I think a lot of fans have a family, like to
read some non-Glorantha-books and have other hobbies and friens. I
believe, that this is the majority. Off course it is no problem to
write scenarios, but is is a different thing to write supplements.


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