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Date: Mon 17 Feb 1997 - 19:53:45 EET

Simon Phipp notes:

> 3. Obscure arguments on what colour Zorak Zoran's eyes were or whether Yelm
Hey, who sez he has eyes?

> A Question: Does it matter whether the Colymar tribe speaks slightly
> different Sartarite than the Colybrea (probably mis-spelled)? Does anybody
> care?
Um, actually, I'd think it a good roleplay schtick. After all, in the real
world we "stereotype" by accent -- so if each of the different tribes
speaks slightly differently, we can tell where they're from when we meet
'em, if you're a native. It's sort of relevant on a day-to-day basis, when
you meet new people.

Or for MGF in another direction -- if I learn Darktongue from the tribe of
trolls who speak some hick dialect, then it may take me awhile to figure
out why ever troll I show off my language abilities to is rolling around
on the ground. :)

> Any GM who insists on a Speak Sartarite roll any time a character is
> speaking to a member of a different clan/tribe has far too much to worry
> about, in my opinion.
Good lord, is anyone really _that_ anal? "You! Roll your Speak Sartarite,
and subtract 8.5% for language drift!" Ugh. I'd just say that you
understand most of it, but a word or two escapes you, and you
(automatically) ask them to clarify that.
If I drifted into analness in my comments on dialects, I should be forced
to eat my big floppy trollish hat.

        <snippy snip>

On armor
> It is irrelevant to me what kind of armour they wear - does it matter from a
> gaming point of view what armour looks like? If I was wearing bronze plate
I've had it matter, once! :) Foolish PCs bushwhacked a lunar caravan,
stole the armor (as well as wagons, mules, etc.) and strolled _right up to
the Lunar gate guards at Pavis._ They were shocked when the Lunars
arrested them ("Hmmm... two trolls, a Storm Bull and an Orlanthi all
wearing Lunar Army issue").

That's a pretty extreme case, tho. <g> And I might be anal about that -- I
actually enjoyed detailing where all their _coins_ came from (<roll,
roll> "Hey! Another EWF silver piece, and a couple ancient Dara
Happan golds!"). But that was sometimes fun, too -- one of the
players was a fanatical Orlanthi, and they refused to keep Lunar lunars
(she'd trade them to other PCs for Sartar silver pieces). She saw it as a
small way to rebel against the Lunars, and a fun bit of roleplaying.

Or on a different note -- even if my troll can squeeze into that Dara
Happan-style plate armor, am I going to _want_ to wear it? Ew, it sorta
looks weedy. What would the other trolls think? <g> For one thing, I don't
wanna run into any Zorak Zorani ("Hey, look at the little sun-loving git!
Gonna get yourself a tan, there, boy? How's the ol' phalanx doing?", etc.)

Yah, I agree with you it doesn't usually make much of a dif, but
differentiating this kind of stuff can be fun. As a case in point, how

many people do you know who prefer a certain soft drink, beer or fast food
joint _despite_ the fact that there's really not that much of a
difference in a GM sense of things? Most characters don't care that Dakori
Inkarth Light Beer tastes worse than Halikiv's Best, but a hard drinkin'
troll might.

James Frusetta


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