Gods, speaking with accents, worshipping ancestors

From: David Dunham (dunham@pensee.com)
Date: Tue 18 Feb 1997 - 02:16:40 EET

Simon Phipp wrote

> Shargash as part of Yelm
> =====================
> Interesting to look back on a discussion which is exactly the same as the
> previous discussions about Gods devolving into minor gods.

I don't think Yelm devolved into Shargash; Shargash was partially subsumed
into Yelm.

> Does it matter whether the Colymar tribe speaks slightly
> different Sartarite than the Culbrea

Depends on whether someone can do accents or not. I can do a Brolian accept
which cracks up our gaming group; since this is the only accent I can do, I
trot it out whenever possible.

Lorne Booker wondered

> I'm trying to get a feel of how a spirit feels about being summoned.

No doubt it depends on how you treated it before you summoned it. A good
reason to stay current with your ancestor worship, and not neglect dear old

Peter Metcalfe stated

> the Orlanthi and Yelmic
> mythology ... accepted Yelm as the Emperor and Orlanth as the
> Rebel even though such names were not present in the original
> myth *and* more likely suspects can be found elsewhere.

I've been wondering for some time who the original Emperor was, whose stale
order Orlanth had to rebel against. Who's more likely than Yelm?

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