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From: David Weihe (
Date: Wed 19 Feb 1997 - 04:17:09 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
> Given that Ernalda is the wife of the Evil Ruler who is now married
> to Orlanth, it has struck me that perhaps the Evil Ruler was originally
> somebody related to her. Now there is a mythical figure called Erlandus
> who is known and detested by the Dara Happans and he apparently comes
> from Brolia which Erlanda, Lokaymadon's wife, also originates. So
> perhaps the original evil ruler was Erlandus or Ernaldus or even Ernanth.

I thought that Erlandus was one of the local Orlanth variants from the time
of the Broken Council. The language shifts are rather minor, after all.

It certainly seemed that there were a number of such variants, differing
in aspect or pronunciation, from the report of the Broken Council LARP
that appeared in the Digest lo these many issues ago (v01.n100's or early
1995). And Lokaymadon's (in LARP) brother-in-law (Arstor of Varstolar, King
of the Somarin, aka Greg Fried) reported her name as Erilindia, BTW.

As a final refutation, anyone detested by Dara Happans can't be all bad,
at least to an Orlanthi.

Unless there is good evidence that Dragon Pass was created post-Dawn,
I would say that Yelm (and/or various sons) is the best Original Evil
Emperor. Whether the storm tribes actually *were* ever *ruled* by him is
another question -- all that would be needed would be that tales drifted
south, and then powerful Heroes and Godlings would drift north to
investigate. The conflict would be inevitable.


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