Sartarite coinage

From: Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space) (
Date: Wed 19 Feb 1997 - 05:07:32 EET

A quick question:

What are the local terms for currency in Sartar prior to the Lunar
conquest? I am presently setting up a campaign to take place in Sartar,
shortly after Sartar's apotheosis. I doubt silver coins would be called
"Lunars" during this period. Clack is a sufficiently vague term that I
can use it without cringing, and Wheel is similarly acceptable since there
is a Sun Dome sufficiently near-by to explain the minting of gold coins by
the Elmali. And of course there are enough trolls to make bolgs plentiful
(as if they're worth anything to anyone but a troll...).

So what are the silver coins called?



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