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Brian Curley

>What are the local terms for currency in Sartar prior to the Lunar

Given their main trade partner and their ruler's land of origin, I'd expect
Heortland Guilders to be the most common silver coin in pre-conquest Sartar,
and even afterwards. Lunars might be used to pay taxes (will Lunar tax
collectors ask an exchange fee for non-imperial coins?), but I doubt they'll
be very popular with the anti-Lunar clans and tribes.

Other Holy Country coins will be frequent, too.

In my Glorantha the independent barony of Karse has an annual financial fair
(based on a similar event in historical Kiel, incidentally "celebrated" next
weekend as a popular festival), which involves lots of sometimes strange
cash to float around. IMG debitors will sign contracts which state the exact
amount and origin of the coins making up the loan, and sometimes debt-arrest
will be laid on a person who may have the necessary sum, but the wrong
currency. My version of the Holy Country has at least 8 different currencies
(including each of the Sixths, Malkioni issued coins from Nochet, Pharaonic
tax pennies) and exotic coins carried in from Teshnos or Western lands.
Casino Town is a constant source of strange currency wealth (and an even
more constant dump for such...)

>I am presently setting up a campaign to take place in Sartar,
>shortly after Sartar's apotheosis. [...]
>Wheel is similarly acceptable since there
>is a Sun Dome sufficiently near-by to explain the minting of gold coins by
>the Elmali.

Not yet, I think. The Sartar (well, southern Dragon Pass) Sun Dome Temple
lay in ruins in troll-dominated land before Tarkalor and his buddies cleared
the Marzeel Valley of the Kitori overlords. At least according to King of

I suppose the architectural layout is similar to that in Sun County, but
there will be considerable differences in their culture. More horses, and a
contingent of horse archers assigned to each hoplite regiment, for a start
(instead of peltasts).

>And of course there are enough trolls to make bolgs plentiful
>(as if they're worth anything to anyone but a troll...).

They will be worth something to the direct neighbours in the south, the
Kitori tribe.


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