Eyes of blue

From: David Dunham (dunham@pensee.com)
Date: Sat 22 Feb 1997 - 07:56:31 EET

Loren Miller wrote "The Painsmith and the First Man to Die," which was

Simon Phipp foolishly asked what color Zorak Zoran's eyes are. A scary
blue, of course, just like in the Tekumel novel where one character has
blue eyes and is considered weird and unlucky. (This assuming trolls don't
normally have blue eyes. And note to Martin Laurie: not volcanic blue.
That's for barbarians.)

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> I recall that the one of the songs that the Windlord is required to
> sing when encountering a Solar priest calls the latter a 'jealous uncle'.
> There must be something in this.

Once again, I must say, "not necessarily." This could simply be a cultural
thing. You call anyone you meet "uncle" or "grandmother" or "cousin." Lots
of Amerindians did so, judging from their stories.

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