Objective history?

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Date: Fri 28 Feb 1997 - 21:54:00 EET

Martin Laurie:

>> But dieties _are_ world striding beings. The Block is where Storm
>>Bull gave the Devil the Big Zot. Waha walked amongst men in the Dark Time
>>and taught them how to survive. Oakfed swallowed up all the forests of Prax.
>>(Insert your own example here.)
>Prove it! You say Storm Bull blasted the Devil at the block - thats just how
>the locals explain the Block! It happens all the time in the RW - People see a
>volcanic mountain and say an angry earth god lives there!
>As for Waha
>wandering about - thats a plain a case of a potent hero (small h) saving the
>people and them deifying him as I've ever heard.

{Sigh} Glorantha is _not_ the real world. And it would be more mundane
and a lot less interesting if Storm Bull didn't whack the Devil, if
Waha wasn't a big god who travelled about Prax etc.

But, it's just a matter of taste I guess. Some people prefer a
historic/evolutionary view, where men create myths and gods. Others
prefer a mythic/magic view, where gods and myths create men.

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