The Clones Of Glorantha

Date: Sat 01 Mar 1997 - 11:43:01 EET

> noted...
> I'd like to say that Jane Williams take of childbearing and warriors in
> was bang on. (And I agree with her that childbearing doesn't get the
> respect it deserves in our society. You need a license to own a dog or
> drive a car but to have children, nada).
> Her point on the expendability of men is great too. I can still remember
> first year University anthro prof telling a stunned class full of eighteen

> years old that men were basically useless and that's why men are so full
> themselves and have to make themselves seem important to society when they

> really aren't. (Can't say that he's far off on a fairly superficial
> level). Bravo Jane.
> The note on the expendability of men sparks some thoughts in me. I've
long suggested that in a sufficently technologically advanced society men are
somewhat superfluous as they are no longer needed for reproduction. Now with
Dolly the sheep and her Xeroxes we are on the treshold of just such an
advanced society.

         One would think that in Glorantha there might be a cult/society of
women who reproduce via magic without the need of men. I don't know of one,
but is there? I remember something about Unicorn riders, but I don't think
they reproduce in an unusual fashion. How horrible would it be if I threw
such a society onto My Glorantha, and what grotesque errors should I avoid?

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