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Date: Mon 17 Mar 1997 - 22:04:14 EET

Hey all, sorry to weigh in so late, on what was Obviosly a Troll...

I am working on a Kitori scenario for the Con in Victoria, so I am more
than a little interested in this particular subject. I've unfortunately
been extremely busy with work, and have not been keeping up with the
digests... (down to ten unread now...)

> 1) Am I correct in assuming they are a mixed Troll-human culture?
> Yes, sorta... perhaps combined is a better term. They are all part of
> the same Tribe, but I believe that Clans/Families are still very much
> single race. So you won't find the trolls and humans hanging out
> together on a regular basis, but they Do recognise thier kinship as a
> tribe. Though the culture is not a truely "mixed" one in general,
> Kitori humans will tend to be more trollish than normal and uz will be
> more "human."
> 2) What is the rough ratio of humans to trolls (majority, minority,
> about
> equal)?
> yeah, 50/50 is about right. I postulate that the Kitori Humans are
> substantially less fertile than normal, for mythic reasons (more on
> this in the gods bit) and actually resort to raiding the neighboring
> tribes for children, as well as the normal livestock and goods. While
> the poor Uz have their standard and well documented difficulties with
> reproduction.
> 3) Are any of the Kitori half-trolls like the tusk riders?
> Nope.
> And a resounding <NOPE> (however, the conservative Uz from Dagori
> Inkarth and Shadow Plateau would accuse them of it -- safely out of
> earshot) I would assume that Kitori are Extremely touchy about this
> and would fly into a bloody RAGE at the meer mention of it.
> 4) What deities do the Kitori worship, do the humans worship Kyger
> Litor?
> My view of Kitori worship as a trimvirate of Deities, each with a
> distinct function.
> Argan Argar -- Tribal god. He is the god of cooperation worshipped by
> all Kitori and the bond that holds the two races together. All Kitori
> will be lay members, and probably more than 1/2 will be actual
> initiates to AA.
> Orlanth -- Male god and the god of the human Clans. All human males
> are initiated, and male Uz may be laymembers. (Male kitori Uz have a
> much higher social standing than normal, and would be considered
> "uppity" by other trolls)
> Kyger Litor -- Womans goddess, and mother of the Uz (as always). As
> elsewhere, all Uz are initiated, and Human woman may be laymembers,
> though not initiates. (Human women in the kitori (especially the
> fertile ones) have a higher status than normal for humans (outside of
> esrolia) and are often Healers (Xiola Umbar) and Magicians (Black
> Arkat Sorceress, Ancestor Cult Shamaness) of great power).
> The Kitori (In MY glorantha -- YGwillprobablyV) believe that when the
> Uz came to the surface world, KL and Orlanth got in a bunch of big
> fights and beat each other silly. Ultimately they realized that they
> were equal in prowess and that continued fighting could only lead to
> the destruction of both, so they united to save both species.
> An important side effect of this marriage is that, since Orlanth is
> not married to an earth goddess, fertility is drastically reduced
> amongst the humans. Thus the Kitori are primarily a raiding tribe,
> and not much good at agriculture. This is a big part of the hatred
> that neighboring tribes have towards the Kitori... (kinda like how the
> Malani are thought of in Taming of Dragon Pass -- only worse ;-)
> Thus, the two races view each other in much the same way that Men and
> Women view each other in most human societies. Different and
> mysterious, but indespensible and with their own unique tasks to
> acomplish.
> WRT other gods and goddesses -- in an approximate and not too
> carefully thought out order of importance... (of course, AA is first
> -- then Orlanth/KL under him)
> Zorak Zoran -- a Very important god for the kitori. Between their
> need to raid their human neighbors (and fight off reprisals for same),
> and defend from Tuskers from the north, and Chaos from the south...
> War is a way of life for the kitori.
> Xiola Umbar -- ZZ's sister is also hugely important for her healing
> and child-care roles.
> Gorakiki -- Insect husbandry is mighty important, as agriculture is
> problematic.
> Zong (and/or some Human Hunting God??) -- Food is good. (I imagine
> that Kitori Humans tend towards the gluttony of their Uz tribemates...
> when they can) Orlanth may take on some hunter aspects for Uz and
> Human Males... a distinct Hunting god might not actually be worshipped
> much.
> other human and troll gods will be worshipped somewhat...
> Gods probably Uncommon --
> Storm Bull ?? I think that ZZ pretty much fulfills his role for the
> Kitori. Kitori probably Like the Bullies... but don't have much need
> for the god personally.
> Issaries -- he kinda steps on AA's turf, and is likely to be less than
> popular.
> Yelmalio -- BAD BAD BAD. Kitori HATE Yelmalians.
> 5) In RQ terms, would the Kitori count as a barbarian or civilized
> culture?
> (put in RW terms are they a state-level society with writing or
> not?)
> Definately literate (at least the mothers are... they ARE Uz after
> all) but everyone around them would consider them to be barbarians.
> Probably Civilised Troll / Barbarian Human in terms of Game mechanic.
> 6) Are the human Kitori as nocturnal as trolls?
> I think not. Part of the advantage of having both races in one tribe
> is that you are protected all the time. Humans Fight during the day,
> and the Trolls at night. The humans will have more of an affinity for
> darkness than normal... and prefer Gloomy and Dark days... but would
> never consider shirking their responsability as DayGuard, while their
> Uzly Sisters are sleeping/helpless.
> danm


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