Re: Recent Tales

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 06 Apr 1997 - 10:55:40 EEST

John Snead wrote about:

> ...that ToTRM article, which I'd *LOVE* someone to send me a synopsis of.

Copies of Tales #14 (which had the five-and-a-half page article on playing
Basmoli, by Greg Stafford and Tom Zunder) should still be available from
all our usual distributors; I know there have been some hitches in
distribution, but they're still taking orders. So, whatever your feelings
are about citing "obscure" sources, this issue of the zine ought to be

(For now...).

I'd suggest buying your own copy, or skimming a read from a friend who owns
it, rather than synopsizing something that's still in print. Just my $0.02.



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