humor in games

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Fri 11 Apr 1997 - 02:59:48 EEST

Brian Tickler writes:
>RW people being more important than Gloranthan ones, I decide to "eat"
>Velera's righteous anger and let it slide as gracefully as I can. The
>superiors then decide that it would be appropriate punishment to have
>the Trickster kiss Velera's feet. A session of mock grovelling and
>protest follows that largely serves to humiliate Velera more than the
>Trickster, as her Praxian honor and dignity are poked at from all sides.

Here's another way of handling this, which works both in game and in story.
        "In my land, I would kill you out of hand. But we are not in my land. I
demand a lock of your hair, a drop of your blood and spittle, and a slice
of your skin, which I shall keep in a locket. If you should attempt your
mischief again, I shall use these to curse you and you shall die. Should
you try to steal the locket, you will die."
        I'd then insist on these things, and refuse the foot-kissing. This
establishes your character as different from the rest of the group, but no
so different that cooperation is impossible. Also, with the items listed
you should be able to cast spells at the trickster without overcoming his
MP, and maybe even without him being in range. (Yes, I know, that's not in
the roolz; but if the trickster believes it, then that's good enough if his
player is a roleplayer.)

- --Martin


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