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Date: Fri 11 Apr 1997 - 05:39:12 EEST

Hello All.


David Cake says he loathes the Basmoli portrayed in Tales 14. I also
disliked them, for the same reason -- by making them semi-humans, they
were no longer Telmori, to me. Now, I could believe that some rare
semi-lion Basmoli would be born (and find such an occurrence more likely
than an actual lion being born, as Sandy stated in Codex 1), or else the
occasional were-lion.

I think that almost all of the hsunchen have weres born to the tribes now
and then, at least in their myths. It is a return-to-Godtime thing, where
the men and animals were all the same. Thus, to the Telmori, the werewolf
members are a return of the Original Wolf, who was both wolf and man,
without distinction. And although all Cursed Telmori are werewolves, I
think even the Pure Telmori (and the Changed Ones, who were cut from
Dorastor by Ken and Greg for game development reasons) have werewolves on
occasion. The Changed Ones are the spawn of Sartar's efforts to break the
Telmori curse, efforts which were partially successful. If the Changed
Ones do exist, they are the true form of the Telmori of Dragon Pass, not
Cursed Telmori.

Basically, not all Changed Ones are forced to assume were-form on Wildday
night, though this is a secret which they keep from ALL outsiders -- it
is something not even the most Telmori-learned inhabitant of Dragon Pass
would know, except members of the (now-dead) Royal House.

Elven Magic and Plants

I think the growing of special, semi-magical plants is normal for all
Aldryami, including the ones who aren't "really" aldryami, like the
voralans. Although I used Divine Magic as the means in The Book of
Drastic Resolutions, Volume Chaos, I think that most elves use a form of
magic different from Divine Magic or Spirit Magic. Some elf cults woudl

exist, such as High King Elf and Babeester Gor, but most of the published
Aldrya "cult" would actually be the normal state of aldryami, and would
use the "Song" so much-discussed lately as the means of working this
unique form of magic. This would also explain why, in RQ2, only some
humans and other non-elves could join the "cult" of Aldrya -- only they
had the capacity to join into the Song of Aldrya enough to hear
"whispers" of the elf group-mind thing.

With all this said, each forest would probably have 20 or so special
plants they could grow, some fairly common (like Aldryami Arrow bushes),
some rarer or unique (such as Aldryami Copper Arrow bushes). Only one or
two of the 20 special plants would be "magical" in human terms, IMO. Any
aldryami could learn any of these special magics, of course, even from a
different forest. But, most other forests would have no need of these
special plants, as their own special plants would meet their needs.
Rootless elves would not have access to these magics, or any other
Aldrya-derived magics, and they would be the ones primarily encountered
by humans. This is why most humans report cults as common among elves,
when in fact I don't think this is the case.

Stephen Martin
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