Re: Non-Humans.

From: Simon Bray (101635.32@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu 10 Apr 1997 - 13:15:47 EEST

Hi all,

 I remember reading an unpublished document from Chaosium that discussed
Non-humans and their origins (eg whereabouts in Greg's mind). In the document it

was stated that the Non-humans of Glorantha were characterised unintentionally,
but thet are not just humans in funny costumes. Each Elder races was in many
ways related to an area of the human psyche (Psychanalysis stuff coming up).

  Trolls for example are the Id, without any restraint, delighting in the gross,
seeking only to be satiated but loving to do so, they do not act civilised in
any way, they do not have civilised virtues or vices.

  Dwarfs represent the selfish ego. They are obsessive. Though they are
constructive and enjoy being productive, they do so only for themselves.

  Elves, these were descibed as being the personification of the Superego. Their
whole needs are orientated to the needs of the whole. They are concerned with
the law of nature, which is their own law.

 Dragonewts, the great unknown. They are never supposed to be understood, and if
any part of them is then it will change.

 I think there were more, but I can't remember them. I use these thumbnails to
help my players get into the minds of any non-humans that they play.

 Another group of non-humans that can be interesting to play are the various
Triolini, I designed a tournament style game based on "The Belly of the Eel"
scenario in "Strangers in Prax" in this tournament everyone played a ludoch
merman (except Danny Bourne who played the mermaid), the scenario worked quite
well, with everybody working in a pod mentalitywhilst retaining a lot of
individual identity.
The group consisted of Grey Fluked Wisdom a huge creature, near divine and a
superb leader who wore the mantle well, Silver Spray the fertility bearer
blessed of Tholaina, Ice for a Heart a cold cruel warrior of Wachaza, Giver of
Coral the warped Sea Shaman whose body had begun to flow like the water and
finally Cod Scale a huge bloated beast who thought only of his belly and had
made himself a god amongst the local fishermen. The scenario was fun to say the
Cheers Simon.


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