Humor and Stupidity

From: Robert H. Wolfe (
Date: Mon 14 Apr 1997 - 21:44:57 EEST

Brian Tickler writes:

>>RW people being more important than Gloranthan ones, I decide to
>>"eat" Velera's righteous anger and let it slide as gracefully as I
>>can. The superiors then decide that it would be appropriate
>>punishment to have the Trickster kiss Velera's feet. A session of
>>mock grovelling and protest follows that largely serves to humiliate
>>Velera more than the Trickster, as her Praxian honor and dignity are
>>poked at from all sides.

The basic problem here was exactly what Brian pointed out earlier...
Velera was from another part of Glorantha with morals and codes that
were radically different than the rag-tag soldiers-of-fortune turned
lordlings she fell in with. As the GM, I could see a bad situation
coming like a freight train when Fizz decided to have some "fun," but
what was I to do? I know Velera chose to eat her anger rather than
play off the Eurmali, and I know it kind of sucked. But believe me, if
those PCs had been in her environment, things would've gone entirely
differently (and Fizz probably wouldn't have tried something so

But as for the correspondent who suggested:

>I would have had the enraged unicorn trample the trickster into a
>redish smear. You try really stupid, horribly dangerous stunts with
>the wrong "people" and screw up you die. Think of it as evolution in
>action, to steal a phrase.

The problem was that the trickster was the "wrong people" too. The
whole damn bunch of them were. Fizz was on his feet spear in hand
seconds after going down (healed by his allied spirit). As the GM, I
knew if I didn't put a lid on things, the chain of events would've gone
something like this:

1. Fizz kills the Unicorn. (Not even a contest, 100+ in dodge and
spear attack, multiple uses of Strike. Fizz is a scary bastard.)

2. Velera kills Fizz. (A close one, but Velera had Shield and Fizz
didn't. And parry is better than dodges when it comes to neutralizing
impales and crits)

3. Strongbark, Sun Chen and a bunch of the other local toughs take
offense at the death of their favorite trickster and either kill Velera
(two scary bastards take out one scary bastard every time) or chase her
off sans unicorn.

Now maybe that's the way I should've let it play out. But in my
experience intra-party slaughter is a real downer. My biggest mistake

was trying to incorporate Brian's existing character into a new
campaign instead of having him work one up that would've fit in better.
But live and learn.

(Oh, and lest you think that Tricksters in my campaign get a way with
murder without reprisal, all three PC Tricksters are currently running
for their lives after stealing the sword of a psychopathic PC Humakti.
In all likelihood, none of them will ever be seen again (at least not
for a long, long time.))


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