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Date: Wed 16 Apr 1997 - 04:17:26 EEST

Accents: Well, I've allways envisioned dwarves of having German accents
and elves of having French or Welsh accents. Mind you, I couldn't fake
a welsh accent if my life depended upon it, but I stronly doubt that
will happen. [famous last words, right?!] The folks at games workshop
(Warhammer, Bloodbowl, etc) more or less say that highelves live on an
island out in the ocean, which can be interpreted to mean they equal
brits in their universe, but who knows. Let's face it, in Glorantha,

they probably have as many different accents as the humans do. And lord
knows I can't tell you what a Sartarite accent is like compared to an
Esrolian one. (though, one language might have more words for ma'am
than for snow...)


Well, I was thinking about this discusion regarding initiation into "The
Orlanthi Pantheon" and came up with this. Say you turn fifteen, and
you're told it's time to become a man, and you blow power on the
Orlanth. Now, you are required to attend all the associate cult rituals

and give up the magic points. And lets say that 75% of the population
is happy with that. Now, some people are specialist or power hungry or
adventurers. They are the ones that join Orlanth Adventurous, Lankhor
Mhy, Humakt, etc. Now, what I was thinking, was that if you joined a
specific part of the pantheon, you would be able to funnel your magic
points in a more effecient way to your boss. However, you would not be
able to funnel 'em as well with the associates anymore. Say we are

using the tentative "1000 magic points makes it a shrine" scheme, and
say people who are initiates to the pantheon (Maybe known as a general
"Orlanthi Lay Member" or something) can donate at a 2:1 ratio to any of
the members of the pantheon. However, initiates to that particular god
can donate them at a 1:1 ratio. However, when an initiate worships in
an associate ceremony, he only gives at a 5:1 ratio. (Maybe if he

actually participates in the ceremony, i.e. takes the role of his god he
can donate at a full or better ratio.)

This would encourage a broad initiate base, with lots of people helping
all the cults, but would also allow a bit of specialization. Sure, a
town might not need seven Lankhor Mhy initiates, and God knows they
can't SUPPORT a hundred, but having one or two that tend a shrine and
takes his place during sacred time wouldn't be so bad.

Another reason why each village/group might have one of each of the
pantheon is power. If there is a small shrine in every village, and it
can be maintained by one initiate and two hundred "lay members" then
each of the specialized initiates might be able to get the low holy day
power bonus. (Ok, power check.) It's not a lot, but if you can
guarantee that seven~ten clansmen will get a power check once a month,
it might give your clan an edge over those vermin over the hill.

Ack, I didn't mean for this to be so long, so I'll cut out here. I
haven't thought about it enough to come up with hard numbers, or decide
how divine might be gained, though I would probably say that a certain
amount of common divine is available and the special "available at all
shrines" spells would be available from each of the associate cults.

When somebody decided at age 20 that they were going to specialize, that
would all become divine "from" the chosen god.


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