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From: David Weihe (
Date: Sat 19 Apr 1997 - 01:51:17 EEST

> From: David Cake <>
> You can attempt to destroy their spirit.
> These are all difficult, though, requiring either unusual circumstances, or
> years of devotion to chaos.

Or a few weeks or months cultivating the right (or wrong) people, such as
the local Mallia witch or orge Cacodemon priest.
> The most common method is simply to use the
> sorcery spell Tap Pow - spirit Tapped to Power 0 is gone, destroyed
> utterly.

I thought that the Tap spells didn't take the last point. Anyway, I think
that a dose of Soul Waste works just as well, and finding plague-ridden
broos is usually easier than finding evil or Brithini wizards who will
admit to knowing someone who knows Tap POW.

Jraktal Knives
> To use it, simply stab someone with it. To create one simply requires
> knowledge of the sorcery spell Tap POW, and sorcerous spell Matrix Creation
> Enchantment. The spell is put into the item at the appropriate power,
> along with a trigger condition (that the blade penetrate the skin) and a
> source of Magic points. Generally, a large amount of magic point storage is
> place in the blade so that the wielder can access points from the Tap, or
> they flow to the wielder directly.
> Edged weapons are used because the trigger condition allows use
> without special training and at the same time minimses the potential
> for mishap.
> Powers
> Anyone stabbed by it is immediately attacked by the spell Tap POW.

It is also rumored that some of the blades in circulation have been altered
by subsequent enchantments, so that a Tap POW is also cast against the
wielder. Some instead have a restriction that the Tap spell is only cast vs
any who have held the blade in the past, making them useful only for
internecine battles in a Thanatari temple, and the like.

These may only be rumors spread to reduce the use of these weapons, as
few who find or steal one will use it and take the chance that this
is one such sabotaged blade. Still, it must be a great Humakti joke to
imagine the look on the face of the assassin when he stabs his would-be
victim and finds *his* soul being eaten by the blade instead.


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