What do Shamans do?

From: Joseph Troxell (jmt107@psu.edu)
Date: Sun 20 Apr 1997 - 16:30:34 EEST

>'spend 90% of their time chasing spirits' is an arguement from the
>roolz. The Shaman fits into Orlanthi society because he or she
>performs tasks that they need done. There is no prohibition on
>Shamans farming and in Orlanthi society they probably do

All I can think of is this example, which I think I was taught in grade school.

Suppose you're an accountant and make $100 a day. You hire someone to paint
your house, but they want $125 a day and estimate it will take two days.
So, you take off work to paint your house. It takes you three days since
you're not nearly as good a housepainter. So, you loose $300 a day in wages
to save $250.

Ok, the arguement is full of holes and the numbers probably aren't right.

But, I see the shaman as being the same way. Sure, they can farm (and maybe
they must in order to survive). But, they're going to make most of their
income by knowing lots of spirits. "Need Bludgeon 3? Sure, just let me
check my directory...." If someone comes up to a shaman, and wants a spell
for which the shaman doesn't know the spirit, it may take him days (even
weeks) to track down the right spirit. Since, I think the shaman only has
one spirit encounter an hour, and not all of them will even be spell
spirits. It seems to me that the shaman is a lot more efficient when he
spends his time tracking down spirits to know for future reference. Of
course, this is heavily weighted by the RQ3 rules, with which you may or may
not agree.

Of course, if no one wants to learn spells from the shaman, then he will
have to do something to survive. But, if no one wants to use his shamanic
services, why is he a shaman and not a farmer?

>Two writeups exits for Magasta and Dormal exist in ToTRM#10.

Thanks. Not that I have it, but at least I know what to ask to borrow. :)


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