Aldrya and Arachne Solara

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Date: Tue 22 Apr 1997 - 03:28:58 EEST

David Cake:

[Shamans of Aldrya]

SM>>I said that there were shamans among elves, though again not shamans of
>>Aldrya -- any elf shaman is a shaman of Aldrya, because all elves are
>>part of Aldrya.

> Saying there are no shamans of Aldrya is a fairly big change to the
>published cult, Steve. If there are no shamans of Aldrya, there is no means
>for a non-combatant (ie magic specialist) elf to progress purely within the
>Aldrya cult. Which I think is a big and undesirable change to Aldrami

I don't understand the nature of your objection. A Elf Shaman would
be exploring the Otherworld through Aldrya and be respected by other
elves for doing so. Or are you worried about the lack of non-combatant
elves in the Gardeners Ring? Not really a problem as the criteria
for such could be changed so that Elves are selected on the basis of

[Arachne Solara]

> Good question, I say! I'm going to bravely contradict both Stephen
>Martin and Peter Metcalfe and say that the Pelorians do know of her - I'm
>pretty sure its mentioned in TFS. [...] I'd even go so far as to say she
>may be native to Peloria, rather than Maniria, but that would be *extremely*


Ah yes, the Terminal Debate system. Note that this is very *late*
(post Magnificus) and the circumstances of its institution suggests
that the Emperor was regulating a new religious movement of sorts.

On such grounds, I strongly disagree that her cult is native to
Peloria. We know enough about the mythology of Dara Happa and
surrounding regions and not a hint of spider worship is known.

OTOH spider worship is found in Cliffhome in Dragon Pass and it
seems to be native there. I shall demur on speculation about
the exact nature of Cragspider's linkage with Arachne Solara.

> I think that those Pelorians who acknowledge Arachne Solara think
>of her role as being the one who repaired some of the damage to the
>universe, much as the Orlanthi do, though they think of her in a more
>mystical sense than the Orlanthi.

Interestingly the Terminal Debate sorts out who gets to *confront*
Arachne Solara. So what are the Lunars trying to do?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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