Brithini Resurrection

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I said:
>> At least all Brithini, be they Talar, Dronar, or Menena, expect their
>> to attempt resurrection. Apparently they accept a certain probation time
>> before declaring anyone dead.

Michael Cule
>What? Where did you get this from Joel?

Joerg speaking, not Joel. ;-)

It is in Genertela Book, Seshnela chapter, the boxed article on the
Brithini (p.82, end of first paragraph):

: Brithini religion denies life after death, and so the Brithini
: cling fiercely to the one they have. Resurrection is possible after
: death, and even the lowliest peasants expect their sorcerers to try
: it each time one of them dies.

This makes it clear that there must be a sorcerous ritual which has the same
basic effect as the Yelm, Eiritha, or Chalana Arroy spell. Whether it is
taught to outsiders or works on non-Brithini isn't said.

I wonder whether it is considered necromancy.

>I thought the lack of ressurection in the West was absolute.

Apparently not. I would make it a Saintly power for orthodox Malkioni,
probably related to Xemela, but it is clear that the Brithini Zzaburs
know the ritual, and that they have to perform it regularly.

In the reading of Arkat's Saga Greg gave on RQ-Con 1, featuring young
(mere 80-year-old) Arkat's performance in the Brithini expedition corps
to fight Gbaji, one of the harsher punishments for (slight) Caste Crime
by the Horali-in-training was denial of Resurrection.


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