Divine intervention

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                      Divine intervention 24/4/97
Pete said:
> Has anyone had to cope with a situation in which DI
>was used to force a quick end to a scenario? In the campaign in question,
>the party was attempting to rescue a kidnaped girl. When they saw her in
>the distance the Healer in the group did a one-point DI to transport the
>party and girl back to their home village, far from the combat.

The way I handle divine intervention is that the GM decides what happens. It is rather presumptuous for a mere mortal to attempt to dictate to Chalana Arroy what she should do! Furthermore, it could be assumed that the god would object to DIs being used for frivolous, non-essential purposes. The gods in my campaign greatly prefer people to help themselves, and not bother them unless it's the god's interests are at stake (as opposed to the party's interests).

In the above example, I think I would have probably knocked out the party's immediate opposition with a massive version of the Chalana Arroy sleep spell. But I would have made very sure that the party's opponents chased them for a good long time once they woke up.

I would have also ensured that calling on CA's aid for a non-essential reason would have repercussions for the healer down the track -- a great opportunity for a campaign hook.



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