From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 24 Apr 1997 - 06:22:55 EEST

        While I have some sympathy for the 'gods can only do what they are
known to do' school of thought on DI, I generally say that most gods will
heal or teleport. I think that most gods have access to fairly serious

healing magic (at least the equivalent of a heal wounds with effectively
infinite magic points, and no time delay) and I consider that teleport is
not necessarily the same thing as the Mastakos spell, but something more
like a magic road heroquest effect. The character is taken into the
heroplane by the gods servants, briefly taken to some safe place there, and
replaced in some possibly distant place. I also find this convenient as a
GM - sometimes a big dramatic DI is great, but where its just an average
fight that happens to have resulted in someones near death, its much more
convenient to just heal them or teleport them away, whether its within the
gods purview of not.
        I also say that most gods have the ability to reverse evil magic,
or at least instantaneously prevent it from happening, whether its
applicable or not. I'm sure I'd let DI to, say, Issaries prevent someone
from being turned to stone or Sever Spirited.



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