Fatigue Rules??

From: Stuart Dobson (sdobson@sniffle.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu 24 Apr 1997 - 22:19:18 EEST

Hi all,
I am just back on the list after a long absence (unfortunately, I was a
lurker for most of the time) but remember a big discussion on the merits
(or not) of the RQ3 fatigue rules. I am thinking of starting up again and
was wondering what the latest thinking on the rules was?
My first thoughts are that its too 'book-keepy' and I was thinking of
basing my game around RQ2 and/or Elric. I think I read in Arcane that RQ4
will be based along those lines???

As a PS if the chap that publishes 'Tales of the Reaching Moon' is reading,
is it possible to see if my subscription has expired?

Thanks for listening
Stuart Dobson
Preston, Lancashire, UK


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