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Date: Sat 26 Apr 1997 - 19:41:15 EEST

Pete Maranci asked about targetted multi-missiles.

Contrary to most of the other answers, I don't think the benefits of
waiting apply to the magical arrows generated by a multi-missile spell.
Only the "Real" missile is capable of impaling or criticalling, all of
the others can only hit or miss, and a seperate "to-hit", "hit location"
and "damage" roll is made for each missile. If the shot were not an
"aimed" shot, then it is perfectly possible for a Multi-missiled arrow
to result in hits to the head, left arm and right leg. I can see no
reason to suspect that additional aiming would make these magical arrows
more accurate.

He also asked about DI as an adventure-spoiler.

However you play DI, I don't believe it is possible to use it to rescue
a third party (certainly without exceptional circumstances). There is
no real tie between the deity and the recipient for a start.

Meanwhile, I have recently re-read MOB's "Mad Prax" that he mailed here
some time ago, and it set me thinking about allied spirits and the
sharing of Magic Points. A character and their Allied Spirit are in
permanent mindlink, and can share (sprit magic) spells and magic points.
Is there any limit/restriction on this? - it is probably not so
important when 1 player is plaaying both parts, but they may have
different points of view on the best use of these, and whether to use
their own or each others magic points.

If the allied spirit is bound into an inanimate object, (like a humakti
sword, for instance) there is the additional question of other magic
point/spell or spirit holding enchantments or crystals that are part of
the same object. Presumably a Humakti or his allied spirit could use
the Bladesharp IV Matrix engraved on the blade of his sword, but can
both use the magic points stored in the crystal on the pommel?

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