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Date: Sun 27 Apr 1997 - 03:44:47 EEST

James frUZetta asks
>A related question: are there any sea-mammal hsunchen? Will the orca
>trolls be forced to battle the dread Sea Lion Hsunchen? ;)
There are definitely Otter Hsunchen, tho' whether these are marine or

not, I don't know, and I think there are also seal-hsunchen (or should
be if there aren't). Other pinnipeds would also be possibilities
(anyone for Goo Goo G'Joob, the Walrus Hsunchen?). Cetaceans are
unlikely because of not being aable to land easily, although there may
be stories of a tribe who lost the man-rune totally, but occasionally
try and return to the land to explain the phenomenon of mass strandings.
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