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Date: Mon 28 Apr 1997 - 03:56:04 EEST

Hello again everyone! I hope you're all well and happy...

More outrageous comments on the recent postings follow:-

Thomas Doniol-Valcroze:
(Echoes comments about matrices working like simple machines)

>How dull! How sad! So that's what a matrix is in your game?
>Put MPs and wait for the result? What's the difference between that and
>an electric torch?
>Where is the magic?
>What I like in the matrices is the wonder: when you touch a light
>matrix, you feel like you can do more than before; you *know* how to
>make light. The object shares some of its power with you. Your mind is
>expanding to new secrets and powers.
>And when you stop touching it, there is a feeling of loss; you remember
>what you were able to do, but you know that you can't do it anymore.
>That's why matrices are precious, rare and why people who can make them
>inspire respect and awe.
>All IMO, of course.

And mine! Sorry to echo such a long chunk, guys, but this was great! Well
said, Thomas! Reminds me of some of the comments about the effects of
living magical crystals in a couple of the published Gloranthan
adventures... they're not just convenient effect-producing "powerups",
they are living parts of some great entity and carry some of their
personality with them.

Re: the various comments on one-use rune magic from Trent Smith, Nick
Brooke et al:

Although the "regain one-use magic on High Holy days" system is great,
and I entirely agree with and support Nick's comments on why this is
utterly appropriate in mystical/game terms, I have tried a slightly
different system in RQ whereby the initiate is effectively 'tested' on
the five cult skills as part of the high holy day ceremonies (being
minor heroquests and all), and needs a certain success rate to regain
his/her/its magic.

This means that as initiates get more powerful/closer to their deity,
they will tend to regain more magic at High Holy Days, which conveniently

allows for a smoother power gradient between beginning adventurers and
Rune levels. The system was heavily moderated based upon the actions of
the initiate FROM THE DEITY'S POV, extra donations to the church, etc.
All fairly complex, but it's partially a non-game time thing and I sort
of liked its mythic feel, so it seems to work well. I like it equally
to the personality trait system suggested by somebody - in my game it
isn't really possible to HeroQuest properly without 16+ in your deity's
personality traits.

If anybody wants a copy of the system, mail me and I'll send it by reply
- - it's too large and specialised to post here.

Stephen Martin, on DI again:
>I would suggest that a priestess of Chalana Arroy could not use DI for
>transportation, as that is not an area over which she has any control
>or knowledge. Even if she could do it for her worshipers, I don't think
>she could move an entire party, let alone a girl who was not right
>there with them.

As I've said, I don't think CA can/does teleport very often... and I
disagree with the final comment above. The girl is unknown to the party
- - who cares? CA cares about the girl because _she_ is the only innocent
victim of the violence around her. Maybe CA would beg a favour of
Orlanth/Mastakos to teleport the _girl_ away and leave the others behind...
they can probably take care of themselves after all. :-)

Stephen, please _do_ dig up Greg's comments on DI. I for one would be
very interested.

Hasni Mubabrak commenting on Humakti initiates regaining Sever Spirit...
yes I agree that's sick, but also very appropriate. THESE ARE SCARY
PEOPLE! They _worship_ DEATH, for ***** sake! In my games, Humakti are
moderately rare, and a large proportion of them are dark, almost gothic
characters - the rest being soldiers, mercenaries, etc.

In RQ game terms, what if Humakti initiates do get a 'lot' of Sever
Spirit? It's 3 POW after all, for a random chance of killing somebody
that probably won't work against someone who's spiritually powerful.
Cast 3 points of Crush on a heavy mace and see how many people you can
kill that way instead!

Paolo Guccione's Rune Magic system was very good, IMO - nice to see the
'purchase' of runes which escalates very nicely to heroquesting and
gives many clues to what Rune Magic is really about. Also ties in nicely
with personality traits, subcults, etc. BTW, can I state for the record
that my opinion of the Orlanth Rex/Thunderous/Adventurous subcults is
that they do worship the same orlanth, aren't _that_ different, but
concentrate somewhat more on one of Orlanth's runes than the others,
based upon what's appropriate for their personality; in case anyone
hasn't noticed, each of the subcults is tied to one of Orlanth's runes:


and all rune magic basically seems to follow the same pattern.

Enough rules chat for now. If I get time, I'll write more of my thoughts
of how the different types of magic would manifest/feel in Glorantha, to
help us get away from thinking in RQ rules terms and inject some more of
the mysticism I think we all sometimes miss.

As a closing question - does anyone know anything about Yinkin? For some
reason I have an overwhelming urge to write children's stories about
Yinkin the cat, and need whatever material has been unearthed about him
before I start. I just wish I knew _why_ I want to do this...

Later, Paul.


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