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From: Joseph Troxell (jmt107@psu.edu)
Date: Mon 28 Apr 1997 - 08:08:18 EEST

Cult Requirements:

>Wow. 80%? I understand that for a Priest. But for a simple Light
>So what should I do? Tell my player "Take a year off and study your =
>writing skills" ?
>What would you do?

This is kind of a gray area, imho. What happens when a person exemplifies
the cult, but is all fingers with a spear? (or something along those lines).
80% does seem mighty high. If it was only 50%, I'd be more inclined to
force the rules. I would probably let the Read/Write slide. Partly because
it seems unnessecarily high. Partly because you have to train it. If it
was 80% Spear Parry, I'd probably tell the player "tough."

Humakti Magic and Initiates Regaining Divine Magic:

>No -- it has always been stated that ordinary initiates can't learn
>Sever Spirit in any case. Sometimes it's given to a mere initiate as
>a special reward, IMG accompanied by another Geas. (No Gift, learning
>Sever Spirit early *is* the Gift.)

I finally borrowed a copy of TotRM #5. What I remember being said is that a
Humakti should only get access to Sever Spirit and Berserk if they proved
something. Didn't say you had to take on another geas, but I see no strong

argument to that. However, even if just 1 in 10 Humakti have Sever
Spirit...eww. To me, the big deal isn't that it's may kill someone, it is
that it does d6 generals. If half dozen or so Humakti all cast on one
person, they will probably just do him in by generals.

I do like the idea of Initiates regaining Divine Magic on the HHD. Makes a
lot of sense. I really like (and accidentally cut) the idea of having
initiates roll for their cult skills to see if they get back their Divine.
Initiates regaining divine really does make a smoother power curve rising up
through the ranks, especially in the those cults that don't have acolytes
(ie, Humakt).

Now, here's three questions I have for the digest:

1. Where is there information about the Lightbringers Quest? We all know
the general story, but what about the details? Hasni just told me today
that (at least in one version) the Lightbringers encounter Humakt in Hell,
something I had never heard before. Further, who are Ginna Jar and Flesh
Man? They don't appear anywhere else that I'm aware, and I'd like to know
more about them.

2. What's the deal with Yanafir Tarnils? There seem to be several versions
of him floating around. Basic idea is that he went against his lord. The
version that I'm most familiar with is that he went against Humakt by
helping to reconstruct the Red Goddess.
Do I need to mention that I really wish there was an official cult write up
of him?

3. Just read the long Dormal cult write up. The article mentions that
Dormal is really only popular in the Holy Country. Which, begged the
question, "Who do other sailors worship?" I'm sure the West (or most of the

west) worships the Invisible God, and maybe Dormal as a saint. What about
the rest of Glorantha?


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