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> RUNE magic
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> Each character owns one or more copies of each rune. These are noted
> onto the character sheet as small icons - it also makes your sheet look
> more "in character" :-).

Wow. I really like that idea. It is so Gloranthaish. I love the
concept of mixing runes to make spells. I also like the idea of
sacrificing for Runes, not rune points or spells persay, but the actual
runes themselves. That way, if you want to mix your bag of runes to
make truesword or shield or severspirit or whatever, it can be mixed per
situation. (i.e., I need shield four and truesword, and that leaves
enough for a mindlink and a sever spirit.)

I'm afraid that since most gods get two or three runes, all their spells
will not be able to be made from just their runes. So, I propose that
there be major and minor runes. Minor runes would be available from
just about anybody, and they cost as much as Major Runes. However,
Major runes are more like "Vowels" and minor runes are "Consonants"
What I mean, is that every Humakti spell will have either death or truth
in it, but will also have, to a varianing degree, runes like "duration,
sharpness, pain, control" (Ok, off the top of my head.)

The long and the short of it is this. If you can figure out how to
combine runes, you can cast the spells. I.e. A character could
"experiment" and run the chance of blowing his head off for the chance
that he boosts the effects of spells. Say you get a "Fire" rune from an
associate cult. And you mix a point of Fire in with your normal shield
formula. What happens? Probably a ceremony, or magic roll of somesort
to see if it works.

Oh, and I recomend "extension" merely beeing a minor "duration" rune.
Just tack seven of those onto a spell, and you're good to go!

BTW, I used to really hate the "RunePower" concept, but the whole idea
of associating it with actual RUNES makes it impossible to resist!
Great idea!


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