Luminosity in IGNORANCE

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Date: Mon 28 Apr 1997 - 16:30:01 EEST

> Doubtless, the Dong is a fragmentary remnant of one of the perverse solar
> cults followed in the Kingdom of Ignorance. Now, *any* creature that goes
> wandering through the night with a glowing red beacon for a nose would be
> an Evil Demon par excellence for the Trolls of the PNW (that is, the coast
> of Coromandel where the early pumpkins grow): an aspect of the hated
> Burner?

My take on this is that the Dong is in fact Solar Storm. When he walks
abroad through the hills of Jankley Bore his luminescent probiscis
creates streams of light in the sky and storms are common. Long ago he
married a fair Waeragi maiden called Jum Ba-Li but when the False Dragon
Ring fell she was lost. Now he emerges from his secret cave in the hills
in the Spring and Autumn to search for her.

His worshippers claim he is the guardian of the Gate that keeps the Rebel
Gods out of the East. The Kralori know better, he is the traitor who let
them in. For what its worth his cult is a bit like those Meso-American
rain gods with a mushroom fetish but is fairly peaceful(i.e. Chac.) BTW
does anyone remember the write-up on Meso-American myth in the Cthulhu
Companion? Chac was assimilated to a certain Great Old One... which might
just explain the nose thing. Nose? Hideous writhing tentacles more like!
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