Short range archery

Date: Wed 30 Apr 1997 - 12:22:19 EEST

Christoph Luehr asks about short range archery. I too am not sure what SC=
is but I'm assuming it's the German abbreviation for player character. If=20
I'm wrong the sense of this answer may be lost but here we go....
I think Christoph is refering to the "archer's paradox". When you shoot an=
arrow from a bow the physics is quite peculiar. The string is pushing=20
straight towards the back of the bow but the arrow has to pass to one side=20
of it. The result is that the arrow flexes back and forth in the early par=
of its flight. This means in turn that, until the aerodynamic properties o=
the arrow have had a chance to get it back on course, the arrow is _less_=20
accurate at short ranges.
This is the theory anyway. However, having done some combat archery in=20
medieval battle re-enactments (for those familiar with the SCA it's similar=
but with metal weapons and authentic armour) I have found that the effect i=
not significant (at least with the over-flighted arrows we use).
What _is_ significant, in the press of battle, is the moral effect of an=20
armed and armoured man rushing at you, screaming for blood. I would sugges=
that, if Christoph is worried about this, he impose a "morale" roll on the=20
archer (say POWx5% or something more complex) which needs to be passed if=20
she/he/it is to shoot without a big penalty.
What the hell, let's go rules crazy - my suggestion for a character morale=20
attribute would be to average all the characteristics (STR, CON, SIZ etc.)=20
multiply the result by 5 and average that number with the characters highes=
weapons skill percentage. This on the Duke of Wellington's ground that, "N=
man fears to do that which he knows he does well."
Richard Crawley
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