CA initiates

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 30 Apr 1997 - 22:53:07 EEST

Someone asked a while back if CA initiates could get Resurrection.
Thinking everyone would jump in with the obvious reference, I didn't
bother. They haven't, so here goes.

Take a look at River of Cradles, and the pre-generated PCs. In
particular, Andra, the CA child prodigy. She's an initiate, though
obviously a favoured one. Her divine magic (all one-use) is: Heal Body,
Regrow Limb, and, you guessed it, Resurrection. Also, her many magical
items are noted as being gifts from resurrectees.

Now, maybe you need her favoured status to get the spell. And I don't see
them handing it out to anyone with low POW (hers is 16) as the spell
would be wasted. But it does look very much as if CA initiates can

Jane Williams


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