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From: Simon
Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 09:10:00 EEST

RE: Copy of: Glorantha Digest V4 #165

Hi All,

 In Digest V4#165 Cory asked about the House of Black Arkat in Heortland. I was
slightly amazed as the two of us (UZ) must have read the same thing at the same
time. However answering the question is a different matter, it depends really
upon the location of the site. I personally beleive that it lies in the lands of
the Kitori, a secret site which gives access to a certain few. This would
support the idea that it is "Black Arkat" that is being appropriated and not
just "Arkat". The Kitori are so like trolls in their outlook, and invariably
worship darkness deities as well as Orlanth. The presence of Arkat worship and
sorcery amongst these people may also have some relation to the existance of the
Aeolian Church in Heortland, if humans can follow Darkness, Orlanth and Sorcery
amongst the Kitori, without retribution then if they just drop the Darkness they
become Aeolian like (IMHO)

Cheers Simon.


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