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Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 01:11:40 EEST

Andrew Joelson makes some very good points about where exactly the Inuit-like
seal Hsunchen I envisaged would be located. I completely agree with ruling
out the north coast of the White Sea, and I'd forgotten about Erigia having
been an elven forest (duh!). I was actually thinking about the coast of Pent
when I said it, envisaging that this area might be a bit hostile to the
horse-riding Pentans. But, unless they lived on islands - and their ain't any
on the map - I concede you're probably right. I suppose one could argue that
the coast of Erigia wasn't heavily forested, or that there aren't enough snow
trolls in North Pent to cause a problem... but, nah, on the whole I think
you're right. Drat!

M Anderson says he thinks Hsunchen are 'pseudo-humans tied to spirits of
place'. I completely disagree with this. For one thing, in most cases they
aren't pseudo-humans (I'll concede the Basmoli as a possible exception, but I
see no evidence for the Telmori or Rathori, the only other two races to be
described in any detail). What sets the Hsunchen apart from each other are
their cultures (similar, but flavoured by the animal totem), and the Rune
spells they have access to. From the point of view of a single Hsunchen
wandering about, the former can't change, which only leaves the spells. So,
if you travel to Dagori Inkarth you turn into a troll Gorakiki/Aranea
worshipper do you? Nah, Wolfhide and Strength of Basmol (to take two familiar
examples) are different spells with quite different effects, and IMO there is
just no way the one can turn into the other.

     Adminstrative point raised by Nick Brooke: Hey, I never said I was _Leon_
 Trotsky, how do you know it ain't a real surname? ;-) Seriously, though,
'Trotsky' is actually a nickname, and predates me being on the Net. There are
probably more gamers know me by this name than any other, so I hadn't even
thought about it being 'anonymous'. Still, you can call me 'Jamie' if it
makes you feel better.

All hail the Reaching Moon


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