Species verses Totems...

From: M Anderson (avimort@aurora.cc.monash.edu.au)
Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 02:34:45 EEST

In response to my rant about Hsunchen, David Cake scribed:

> No, I'll just point out that the various Hsunchen tribes have
> widely varying mythology and tribal customs. And Hsunchen totems do not
> necessarily have any connection to the area where they live - Basmoli, for
> example, living in areas with no native lions at all. The nomadic Telmori,
> having lived in a wide variety of areas.

My concept of Hsunchen tribes still may hold true. The mythology of a
tribe is one formed by what that tribe has experienced. By suggesting
that all Hsunchen are of the same people, it is like saying that all
Humans are of the same people. The latter does not deny the possibilities of
different tribes and nations of humans, neh?

In addition, when I suggested that the Hsunchen are shaped by the totem
spirit of the area in which they live, I did not say that the totem HAS to
be a native animal of that area! The totem spirit walks the spirit plane
of that land and influences those that are sensitive to its presence. The
lands on which the Basmoli roam are Lion Totem lands. They may not have
lions in them now, they may never have had lions. Their lands are merely
lands where the Lion Totem walks the spirit plane.

Telmori do indeed live in a wide variety of areas, as do their totem
animals on the spirit plane...

Where's the problem?




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