RE: Telmori

From: Peter Linton Tracy (
Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 04:59:51 EEST

The issue of the Telmori curse has come up a bit lately, allong with the
discussion of the Basmoli write-up. (We Aussies just go our issue 14

The idea of the Telmori change being there time of military
strength is a good one, and I can imagine Telmori camping just out of
distance of their enemies the day before, and skipping a meal or two to
encourge raiding in their animal state.

A few people didn't like the Basmoli write up I beleive (I haven't been
able to follow the daily much laterly), but this seems a bit monomythic
to me. The write-up is from their POV, and other people will have
different views, as i discussed with a friend. Maybe their slitted eyes
are a result of inbreeding, and their prominent canines too, imagine
Basmoli with banjo's. Also they may have quested to alter their anscestry
long ago, to bring themselves closer to Basmol/a... I've tried having
PC's do the same, although the results tend to be rather interesting and
often inconvenient or funny, be careful what you do on the heroplane.

I beleive Beastmen and the Huschen array provide some of the best
opportunities for MGF roleplaying in Glorantha, and an interesting
counterview to observe the arbitrary barbarity of HUMAN society.

Peter T


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