Re:Ginna Jar

Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 04:54:31 EEST

From: Lowell A Francis <>

>This idea of collective action hits straight at the heart of what we have
>worked through with Ginna Jar in our campaigns. <David Cake's idea>

  I like this idea, also reminds me of "I fought, we won" battle. I like the
idea that in a land of heros, some things can only be done by a team.

>Its a concept that is better played out than explained. Ginna Jar, for
>players in our game is the force of female intuition and mystery. She is a
>special kind of wisdom and view-point which male gods lack.

>Ginna Jar serves to protect the idea of female, cthonic power. It is not
>the power of sex or childbirth, but the idea of female building and
>insight. David Cake's comment about her representing the force of
>"Collective action" hints at this. It is a creative force, a force of

  Could you give some player and adventure examples. While I could see
a character filing this role in a story or novel. I'd admitt I would find
this hard to roleplay. (But then I'm a guy <grin>)

  Off hand, situations where intuition is the solution remind me of puzzles,
the danger is the players may not get it or you abstract it to dice. Could
you give an more complete exanple of a character, could they srill have
good game skills? The problem with specialists is siting on the sidelines
while the general purpose players are busy all the time.



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