Resurrection, Babs and random snippets

Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 14:14:45 EEST

Hugh McVicker:
<< - -- Arnold Anderson asked how a CA resurrect ceremony would look. IMG
 Sartarite resurrections always takes the form of a small LBQ (over used
 I know). This means you need to assemble seven people including a
 trickster, some-one related to the deceased (grandpa M) and some-one who
 didn't know the deceased (Ginna Jar)...>>

     I rather like this idea, not least because it makes resurrection so much
more difficult. I think I'd probably be a bit more lenient, say by allowing
people who 'represent' the Lightbringers to stand in rather than having to
find the full set of initiates. A traveller for Issaries, an outsider for
Trickster, that sort of thing. I think this is how Orlanthi clan councils
tend to work, from my reading of KoS, and it doesn't make things so hard for
the PCs if they need to use this spell. Although admittedly trying to find
someone related to the deceased could be awkward for many parties, and many
travellers (for instance) _will_ be Issaries initiates anyway.
     I'd add that the LBQ wouldn't apply to non-Orlanthi resurrection. I'd
guess the Lunars use some form of the Red Goddess' quest, since this is also
about death and rebirth. So you'd need representatives of the Seven Mothers
instead of the LBs. Again, IMO representative people would do, e.g. a young
innocent for Teelo Norri, rather than actually having to find an orphanage (a
bit of a bummer if you're outside the Empire, where you are, in fact more
likely to need resurrection).
 Hugh McVicker again:
<< I've noticed this attitude(BG=destruction & man hating) around and was
 wondering the basis of it. There are several cults (Maran Gor, Gorgama)
 which I would have thought already filled that role. I always thought
 BG's role was that of temple protection and anti-oath breakers which
 sounds more like cops than reavers to me. >>

    I seem to recall that BG was pretty violent mythically, and went around
slaughtering almost everything in sight until Trickster got her to drunk to
stand. Presumably she calmed down after this, but I guess that could be where
the BG=destruction comes from. Mythic correspondance or not, I agree that
Babs cultists are more like cops than rampaging nutters. Largely because they
wouldn't get very far if they were. They're an important part of society in
Esrolia, aren't they? I'm not even sure that Maran Gor is particularly
man-hating, although she certainly preaches feminine independence and is
pretty destructive when riled. Gorgorma is a different matter, although
living (hiding?) in stratified Dara Happan society presumably puts a curb on
her most cultists' most violent inclinations, if only for the sake of

David Cake:
<<Basmoli, for example, living in areas with no native lions at all. >>

    Do they? I thought there were Praxian desert lions. Or are you referring
to some other Basmoli inhabited area I've forgotten?
 << an orca follows its mother around until one or the other dies, and never
leaves its mother >>
     And an orca pod consists of a single male and a harem of three to four
females (plus sub-adults of both sexes), which is hardly matriarchal either.
 All hail the Reaching Moon


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