The big Hit

From: Frederic Moulin (
Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 04:29:47 EEST

>There's also a scenario by Sandy set in Karo, the largest city of Afadjann,
>which gives us some good local colour (the main processional road is
>Dragonwalk; the slums are called the Bluestreets, named after the Veldang
>inhabitants; the city ruler is Prince Nakajian, son of the Jann of Afadjann
>himself). The scenario is called "The Big Hit", was originally written for
>the "Thieves' World" setting, and has a pleasantly conspiratorial lowlife
>feel to it.
This scenario is insanely mortal, and one of the greatest demonstration of
Sandy's twisted and evil mind at his best. My group lost I think 9
beginning PC's in the course of that scenario... I would strongly recommand
it to anybody ready to kill a all bunch of players. Expecting less would
probably destroy the flavor of it, as the introduction from Sandy describes
it as a "punishment" scenario. For the french players, it was translated in
one of the early Tatous (the one describing Fronrit and the Kersh) under
the name: "Le gros coup".


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