Of Rings & Wyters

From: Torbjorn Andersson (md23710@dredd.swipnet.se)
Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 20:41:41 EEST

De-lurking through the help of a friend, so please don=B9t fry his mailbox if
you find the following offensive. If this subject has been done to death,
please direct me to the relevant digests or even better send me a summary o=
the Digest consensus on this :). BTW I=B9m an Orlanthi but I like my Lunars i=
different shades of red.

This I believe:
Ginna Jar is a wyter, the collective spirit of the Lightbringers ring.
The Lunars create a esprite d=B9corps when setting up a new regiment. (MOB et
All Praxian herds are protected by a herd spirit which has a POW equal to
1/10 animals in the herd. (Can=B9t remember from where)
All Orlanthi clans have a guardian angel (wyter), which is formed when the
clan ring is forged. (Risklands Campaign?)
It is possible to forge a Quest Ring and one of the benefits is that as lon=
as the Quest is in progress, the questers will have a wyter to aid them.
One of Argrath=B9s secrets is that he is able to form viable fighting groups
by having people form new types of rings (probably over clan barriers) and
thereby insure that they cooperate in a more orderly fashion.
As I can find four types of collective spirits, they might be a bit more
common than we=B9ve previously been led to believe. Some temple spirits would
be of this kind.

This I wonder about:
Can a wyter manifest spontaneously?
What does =B3forming/forging a ring=B2 actually entail?
Is the forming of a ring necessary for a wyter to manifest or is it just a
way of formally sealing the bond?.
Can a wyter be tied to a group without a common purpose or is the common
purpose of the group necessary for the wyter to manifest in the fist place?
How will the abilities, power, number, desires etc of the people forming th=
ring manifest in the wyter?

What do I need this for?
Well, I like the idea of several Argraths and I plan for my PC:s to
eventually accomplish some of the things attributed to _The_ Argrath. The
reorganisation of =B3bush magicians=B2 into working units is as good a project
as any. But, they reside in Whitewall and it is Stormseason in 1618, so the=
might all become Bat food next year :).

Torbjorn Andersson
(Rumour: Nick Brooke is able to recite the rules for Nomad Gods (Chaosium
ed) verbatim. _T_)


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